"Don't be ashamed to share your story it will inspire others to speak up"

Mental Health Education

The program by MEMHREP at schools, religious bodies, social gatherings, work places has over the years reduced mental helath related issues in the country.The program is intended to eal with the root causes of mental illmess . Since its launch in 2013, when 10194 persons were educated,the program has increased to 610,018 persons in 2022

Community Mental Health Support

The program which started in one(1) region ( Asanti) with 54 persons with mental health conditions, has been extended to five( 5) regions in Ghana. Six hundred and seventy two( 672) community mental health patients have been treated, supported and resettled through MEMHREP's intervention between 2014 to 2022. The program in the communities led to increased compliance with treatment, early detection of side effects and prevention of relapses.

Agricultural Program

From MEMHREP's agricultural program, potential and persons with mental conditions neglected in the communities have benefited tremendously because produce from this program are used to feed and support them. The program has helped the organization to provide skills/ training to recovered service users who are interested in Agriculture. The program which started in 2013 with 12,972 beneficiaries, at its peak in 2019 was able to feed and support 3,804,160 beneficiaries. The Ministry of Food and Agriculture in Ghana awarded MEMHREP as the best institution in maize production during the National Farmers Day in 2014.

Street Outreach

This program involve s personal care such as feeding, clothing as well as educating persons with mental health conditions and the general public. The project since it's introduction in 2011, benefited only 721 persons but has increased significant ly to about 4708 in 2022. Worth mentioning is the classical example of Agnes Takyiwaa, an orphan who was sexually abused, impregnated and subsequently left to fend for herself on the streets of Adum - Kumasi. MEMHREP was able to house her, took care of her post and ante natal expenses and later got her into apprenticeship after delivery.

Covid-19 Intervention and Support

MEMHREP provided Personal Protection Equipment (PPEs) such as gloves, hand sanitizers, face mask s etc daily to persons with physical disabilities, mental health conditions or other vulnerabilities neglected in the streets and in the community. MEMHREP also urged governments around the world to ensure that persons with mental health conditions or other vulnerabilities were given equal access to COVID-19 awareness campaigns and resources in order to save lives during the peak of the pandemic.

Memhrep Tv

It's a YouTube TV channel established in 2022 with the aim of educating the general public on mental health via social media. Since it's first airing in October 2022 to January 2023, about ten( 10) health education interviews, movies and documentaries have been produced. The viewership percentage on various social media platforms has increased from hundreds to thousands within three ( 3) months of it's operation.

FEE (Feed,Educate,Employ)

Feed, Educate and Employ is a strategy to curb mental health issues in Ghana. Through this initiative, MEMHREP has been able to tackle the root causes of mental illness such as drug abuse, depression and excessive alcohol intake. Since the establishment of this program, the number of abuse related issues has drastically reduced.

Rehabilitation Center

A five acre land has been acquired to build a rehabilitation center for our service users in Ghana(Africa). This facility upon completion will cater for about 500-600 In-Patients and Out-patients.