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Who we are

MEMHREP is a mental health and rehabilitation project which was established in 2011 to support people with mental health needs or other vulnerabilities.
It is a charity (non-governmental) organization which seeks to end distress and plights of persons with mental health needs as well as promoting good mental health.We are tasked with gradually alleviating mental health issues around the globe to help improve the standard and beauty of living. We provide preventive and befriending services to support people living in the community.

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Our Key Areas

Mental Health Education

This seeks to outline the key causes of mental illness that most people turn a blind eye to ,irrespective of the adverse and ripple effects it has on nation building

Outreach Programs

The outreach program involves providing personal care(personal hygiene, clothing, feeding and shelter) and medical support to persons with mental health needs or other vulnerabilities neglected on the streets.

Community Mental Health Support

This Program is carefully designed to assist persons living with mental illness in the various communities. With a team of health professionals, dedicated and committed volunteers, persons with mental health needs are assessed before appropriate medical steps/care plan are implemented.

Rehab Center(Shelter)

Working with our partners, MEMHREP establishes rehabilitation centers to accomodate and treat people with mental health needs, and provide resettlement plan (vocational training) before reintegration.

Agric Program

This program works with volunteers and partner agencies using modern technology to produce food crops in order to feed our service users at a reasonable cost. The program also generates revenue from the sale of some farm produce to support service users. It also provides skills for our recovered service users who wish to engage in farming

FEE Program

“FEE” (Feed, Educate and Employ) Program is a gradual and systematic approach to reducing mental illness in communities where drugs and alcohol intake are abused and hence, needs intensive and consistent approach to achieve maximum results.

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We are collaborating wth the UN 2030 goal to create a better place Read More

Our Key Objectives:

  • To ensure availability of minimum mental health care for all in the future, to the most underprivileged sections of society.
  • To improve and maintain the well-being of persons with mental health needs by giving them quality health care
  • To give persons with mental health needs vocational skills
  • To spread awareness and advocacy about mental health through education via social media,television and radio.
  • Social Inclusion:to help persons with mental health needs recover and to be ingreted into society.

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Our Geolocation analysis
MEMHREP currently operates globally but our physical offices are in two countries uk and Ghana respectively.

Ghana 45934
Uk 32456
Media Outreach 32456
Globally 32456

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